youtube-dl wrapper for Mac users

Many of you might already know the goodness of youtube-dl, at least since November 2020. While pasting a URL as a command line argument to a program might feel like the simplest thing to some, many non-geeks' enthusiasm evaporates once they understand that this nice program you told them about has no clickable button.

There are GUIs for youtube-dl around the net, but they seemed rather old and unmaintained to me. I tried to remediate this by writing a simple shell wrapper that takes care of downloading the latest version from the official site and an up to date ffmpeg from here.

Download (latest version)

Start by double clicking the start.command file where it was extracted. You can enter a user name in case you want to download things that need a login. youtube-dl will then ask you for the password when it starts a download. A choice between audio+video and audio download only is offered at the beginning. The script will keep asking for more URLs after each download and exit if nothing is entered.

I might want to make something similar for my Windows using friends someday.

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